Which of theĀ millions of sites out there are right for your campaign?

Because plenty of those millions of sites are wrong for any campaign.

Trust Metrics is the only truly independent agency rating online ad environments for your brand.

When it comes to online ads, it’s not just about “safety”. Trust Metrics can make sure that the places that show your ads are high quality publishers.

The quality of the environment where your ads appear is the single most important of how your ads will perform. We’ve got independent research that proves it: more than anything else, quality matters. Learn More

The smartest names in Ad Tech have partnered with TrustMetrics to bring high quality inventory to ad buyers.

In our complex and ever changing media landscape Trust Metrics has made transparency the cornerstone of their business which fills a tremendous void in the industry. Their service has been invaluable from providing additional resource support and rich insights to delivering the utmost transparency towards partner evaluations. Trust Metrics truly sets themselves apart with a compelling value offering for our clients, buyers and sellers."

Patrick Rubin, Supervisor National Video Activation, Carat

Trust Metrics’ technology ensures brand safety and site quality for advertisers with proven results. Our preferred partnership with them demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality inventory for advertisers while achieving their campaign objectives."

Michael Parkes – SVP, North American Sales, Adconion

The whole ad industry wins when ads run on quality sites.

Brands Win

Brands have the most to lose when ads display in the wrong place. It’s not just about wasting money (though it’s certainly about that as well.) Ads that run in shady places damage your brand. That’s the opposite of what you’re looking for.

Agencies Win

With Trust Metrics ratings, Ad Agencies ensure that they’re maximizing the value the get for their client’s media spend, rapidly assembling media plans across networks, exchanges, and RTB platforms, before the buy.

Ad Tech Firms Win

Before Trust Metrics, your buyers needed to take a leap of faith before they ran a campaign using your platform. With Trust Metrics, you can prove that the inventory you offer is the right inventory. That means more sales, less make-goods, and happier customers.

[Trust Metrics'] product has effectively elevated site transparency from brand safe to brand safe and good quality. It’s saved us massive amounts of planning hours and helped us isolate the most effective scale media. "

Mary Shirley, VP Digital Media Activation at Horizon Media

We had a great experience working with Trust Metrics and feel that the initial work that went into reviewing the site lists during planning has really paid off with both performance and brand safety for the campaign. Trust Metrics was able to take out the guess work from the site list review process with a very streamlined approach and we plan to continue integrating Trust Metrics into our planning process on all campaigns in the future."

Caitlin Casas, Fraser Communications

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